How To Give A Good Foot Massage

Foot massage is specifically practiced to promote well-being and health of an individual. Today, many people opt for massage as a way of relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and to boost general health. Foot massage typically involves the application of pressure to specific areas on the feet to affect various parts of the body. Some of the benefits of foot massage include improved circulation and cleansing, tranquility and relaxation, balance and harmony, energy and rejuvenation among others. When giving a foot massage, you can use lotion, oil lanolin, creams or cocoa butter specifically made for the feet. After the massage service in Singapore, cramped, tight or tender areas feel better. Here are some of the ways on how to give a foot massage.

  • Put your partner in the proper position

Begin by having the person lay on their back with face up. Ensure there is room for them to rotate onto their stomach so as to allow for different movements of the feet to take place. Then cover the resting area of the foot with a towel to prevent any massage oil or cream from staining the work area.

  • Give a foot bath

Allow your partner’s feet to soak in a tub of warm water using for up to ten minutes. You can add the preferred ingredients such as aromatic essential oils to the bath water. After soaking, softly rub the feet to remove any dirt as you help the person to relax. When through, dry the feet with a towel.

  • Choose oil, lotion or cream to use

It is advisable to use the cream as they work well for foot massage according to Herbal Footcare since they are thicker than oils. Ensure that the cream and oils you use are specifically created for the sole purpose of foot massage. You can create your own combination of oils and creams that are in line with your preferred scent. To make the oil or cream more comfortable to your partner, you can consider warming it up.

  • Rub the foot

Begin by holding the bottom of the foot with both hands and rub the top of the foot slowly as you work your way down to the sole. Apply more pressure when getting closer to the sole. You can reverse directions and rub the foot towards the top as you reduce pressure. Use your hands to rub the heel of the foot as you make small circles with moderate pressure and work your way around the heel. Don’t forget to repeat this at the foot’s ball. You can use cross-fiber friction on the heels by using your thumb to push down and up on the heel. One thumb should push up and the other one down.

  • Massage around the ankle bone and the arch of the foot

Use your hands to rub around the ankle bone in a circular motion on either side. Ensure that you gently rub your fingers over the top of the ankle bone. Then using a fist, massage the arch of the foot. Use your finger tops to apply pressure to the arch.

  • Massage the toes for a feel good finish

Ensure you spend time on each toe. Gently pull each toe so that the joint can pop and do this to each to unless it results to discomfort. You can slide your index finger between each toe. Rub the base of each toe. Then slide your fingers between the toes simultaneously using massage oil or cream.


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