How to Learn Chinese Fast the Right Way

Learning a new language is certainly a wonderful task to undertake that can be both fun and rewarding. It can help your resume stand out in the eyes of employers, especially when you opt to learn the most spoken language in the world, which is Chinese.

Chinese: Top Language

This language is spoken by more than 1.2 billion people; that is about 16% of the global population. The Bloomberg Business week ranked Chinese as the second most useful language for business. Chinese is an official language of the United Nations.

Dedication and Passion Are a Must

Just like it is with any other language that one is trying to learn, in order to be able to speak & learn Chinese fluently, you will need to set time aside every day to focus on it. Dedication and passion for this language are a must. If these two things are not present, the goal to learn it will not be reached.

Learn With Enjoyment

Experts estimate that it takes about 2,200 class hours to become fluent in Chinese. It can take up to 88 weeks to learn it if you have 5 hours of practice every day. It is best not to rush, as you should be learning the language with enjoyment, and thus, you will be able to learn it faster.

Tips to Learning Chinese Fast

A lot of people believe that having a teacher is all that is needed, but that is not the case. You need to combine different methods so that you can learn to a ‘T’ and thus faster, as you will not have to go through the same material again and again. It is recommended to watch programming in Chinese. Thankfully, for you, there is YouTube! There are some movies that provide dubbing in Chinese. Also, it is recommended that you listen to music in Chinese, listen to audio books, try to write thoughts in that language, and go to Chinese forums or chat rooms so that you can chat with native speakers.

Messing Up Can Help You Learn!

It can be intimidating at first to speak a language that you are just beginning to learn, but do not be afraid of messing up. That is how everybody learns!

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