No More Carpet Cleaning Conundrum

When you decide that the carpets in your house need to be professionally cleaned, don’t just choose any carpet cleaning company. Be sure to do some research to make sure you are getting great service as well as value for money.

There are a few things that you should think about before you decide on who will clean your carpets and listed here are some of the important things that you need to think about.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

It is a good idea to get a few different companies to give you quotes. Ask them questions which they should be happy to answer. Obviously cost will be one of the first things that you want to know but there is other important information that will need to be considered.

Have They Been In Business Long

How long they have been around is a good indicator of whether they are a reputable and experienced company. If they are established they will be happy to provide you with references from other customers.

What Type Of Insurance Do They Have

You want to be sure that if anything happens and there is damage that you are covered. Find out exactly what you are covered for.

How Long Will The Job Take

Get an estimate on the time it will take to do your carpet cleaning in Singapore. Make sure it is long enough to do the job properly but not so long that it will cause unnecessary inconvenience to you and your family.

What Methods Are Used

This is important and the fewer harmful chemicals used the better particularly if there is somebody in the household who has allergies, respiratory problems or is sensitive to certain chemicals. Find out if the company has an allergen free option of cleaning your carpets.

How Long Does It Take For The Carpet Is Dry

Find out how long it will take for the carpets to be dry enough to walk on again. The least disruption to your household the better. A good company should have the equipment to ensure that the carpet is reasonably dry a few hours after treatment.

Will My Furniture Be Moved

If your furniture is being moved, you want to have it put back in the same place when the carpets have been cleaned. Make sure that the cost of moving furniture is included in the overall price and that they use protectors under your furniture when it is returned to its original spot.

How Much Will It Cost

Finally, you need to know the exact cost and make sure that you are not going to get any nasty surprises when the final bill comes. Just because a company is cheapest it does not always mean the best. Choose wisely!

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